Google Shopping开始要搞竞价了

传说中的google shopping引入竞价机制终于要开动了,今天收到了来自google的email。

内容大概是说今年下半年将开始执行新的google shopping政策,其中包括几条重要的信息:

1.feed的标准,这个从7月1日开始执行,是我们首要关注的,因为这个feed是我们提交给google 的一个资源文件,同时也要关注其他使用google feed的网站是否有同步更新的操作,比如像ecrater这种。






On May 31, 2012, we announced a new initiative to improve our shopping experience over time, so that shoppers (your customers) can easily research purchases, compare different products, their features and prices, and then connect directly with merchants to make their purchase.

This new product discovery experience will be a purely commercial experience called Google Shopping that replaces Product Search. This transition will be complete in Fall 2012.

We believe that having a commercial relationship with merchants will encourage them to keep their product information fresh and up to date. Higher quality data — whether it’s accurate prices, the latest offers, or product availability — should mean better shopping results for users, which in turn should create higher quality traffic for merchants.

Organic web results on will not be affected by this transition. At this time, this initiative applies only to merchants submitting feeds that are targeted to the U.S. Details of the announcement can be found at

To list your products on Google Shopping, you’ll create Product Listing Ads based on your existing product feed from Google Merchant Center and manage your ads with an AdWords account. Enroll in AdWords at if you don’t already have an account. To learn more about Product Listing Ads, please visit

While your current product listings will continue to appear on Google Shopping for several months, it’s important to note that bid is one factor in how products will be ranked on Google Shopping. We encourage merchants to create Product Listing Ads now – and we’re offering a special promotion to get you started.

We’re giving merchants a few months to transition to this new model, and we’re also offering some incentives:

* All merchants who create Product Listing Ads by August 15, 2012 will automatically receive a monthly credit for 10% of their total Product Listing Ad spend through the end of 2012; and
* Existing Google Product Search merchants can receive $100 AdWords credit toward Product Listing Ads if they fill out a form before August 15, 2012.

To learn more and get started merchants can visit

Google Shopping is using a single set of feed specifications and policies, whereas we previously had separate policies and specifications for Google Product Search and Product Listing Ads.

In order for your products to continue to appear on Google Shopping, your feed will need to meet our feed specifications detailed at

All of the items in your feed must be in compliance with the Google Shopping policies. In particular, all items have to be family-safe. Please review the Google Shopping policies at

Enforcement of the new feed specifications will roll out gradually over the course of the summer, but new policies will be enforced starting July 1, 2012.


The Google Shopping Team

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